Best Tips for Making a Rehearsal Photo Video

The best tip for making a rehearsal photo video is simple, keep it about you and your soon-to-be spouse. This is your love story. How you met. First impressions. When you knew he or she was “the one”. Not everyone has heard your story, and when it’s embellished with photos and short videos, it makes it that much memorable. Even more important, don’t stress over getting it done. We are here to help.

Your story started even before you met

What kind of baby, kid or teenager were the two of you? Did you have the same likes, dislikes?

Or maybe it’s true, opposites do attract! Most of us, at some point as we are growing up, wondered who that special someone will be. We always knew they were out there somewhere. Fast forward and here it is, the night before your big day. A few flashbacks to when you were both young could be real fun. Maybe include some baby pictures, especially if a family is in your future.

Best Tips for Making a Rehearsal Photo Video

Don’t forget to include the people who have meant a lot to you

Even though this is all about the two of you, there were people in your lives that may have played an important role. Include them as well. These could be family members and friends. Any pearls of wisdom they may have had, now is the time to honor it. Any funny moments, include those, too. A wedding is the kind of event where there are people to thank. This is one way to do that.

What type of photos should you include?

Photos that are special to the both of you. Special dates, a favorite trip or concert. Our lives are full of selfies and photographed moments. Flip through both of your Instagram and Facebook accounts. Even though you’ve shared those photos already, including them in your video gives them a different and even more meaningful context. If you share a pet, include those too. Our pets are part of the family and a big part of our relationships.

How long should it be?

We recommend you keep it at 3 minutes leaving room for the “ahhhhs” and of course, some loving laughs. This video is one more way to bring the rehearsal dinner guests closer together. Not everyone knows your love story. They may only be aware of the highlights. Let those 3 minutes reveal your hearts, and even a peek into the dreams you share as you plan your future.

A lifetime keepsake

After all is said and done, the days leading up to your wedding are one of the few – if not the only time – when it really will be all about you as a couple. And the rehearsal video can be one of the most precious keepsakes. Someday your kids may ask you, “How did you meet?” This is the story your kids are going to want to know. Now is the time to take the time and tell it all. You will be glad you did for many years to come.