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About Jean

Jean Campbell Galli is a writer, creative director and producer who decided balancing career and family was best achieved within a 20-mile radius from home rather than commuting 60.

Her career started in advertising, having produced numerous ad campaigns ranging from Oreo Cookies to Tampax Tampons to MasterCard. She is a published writer and teacher. Communication has always been at the core of her skills.

Campbell Galli applied over 25 years of experience in advertising and morphed it into a photo videography business. Advertising is all about communicating a message, whether it is for a product, cause or company. The objective is to feature what makes it unique.

The process of creating videos from photos was one Campbell Galli first worked with when creating TV commercials for test. The only difference being length. Our photo-videos can be anywhere from 15 seconds to 3 minutes long.

Today, Jean Campbell Galli uses those same skills to tell the story of businesses, organizations, and award recipients. More recently, she’s expanded into creating rehearsal dinner videos which feature how the soon-to-be married couple met.

Asking questions, looking for the sparkle – that specialness – is what makes her videos so unique.