Photo Videos vs Shooting a Video

I recently asked a client if they would like me to bring in a videographer to interview the person they were honoring at their awards event. We occasionally videotape interviews, but not everyone is comfortable talking to a camera. That’s one of the reasons why we’ve been so successful using photos edited to video and a voiceover telling the story. Our script is the icing on the cake, literally lending a voice to the visual details. The final result is always successful and very unique. But in the interest of doing something different this year, I thought I would ask.

I was surprised by her quick response of “No way”. She had sat through plenty of award events watching videos of the honorees. Her description, “It can get boring watching someone talk to camera.” What she liked about our style of photo videography was how the photos told the story. Great photos. Photos that were unique to the individual. She felt that was the reason why their award videos were always so interesting. They engage people’s attention. In fact, we’ve had people tell us how moved they were by what they saw.

Photo Videos vs Shooting a Video

A Picture is Worth…

We are a visual society. Photos and videos dominate our lives. So, when we ask someone if they would like to share some of those photos to create a video around them, they are usually quick to say yes.

And while there are plenty of ways out there to edit photos into video, we take pride in being thoughtful with each frame. When we talk to someone, they tell us their story. How they got started. Successes. Unique interests. Family. There is always something there that makes their story stand out and photos that bring it all to life. Our photo videos are the perfect way to give those being honored recognition for a life well-lived.

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